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AFP Feeds

Realtime photo feeds from AFP permalink

New River2 feature -- Photo Feeds...

You subscribe to photo feeds the same way you subscribe to news feeds or podcasts. But instead of containing news or audio/video, they contain photographs.

The feeds on this page contain photos from Agence France-Presse.

You can subscribe to feeds individually, or if you subscribe to the OPML reading list, you can have them all.

Update first permalink

If you're not running the latest River2, you can either update, or re-install.

To update, bring the OPML app to the front, choose river2.root from the Windows menu, and choose Update Front Tool from the Tools menu. When that's complete, choose Update opml.root from the File menu.

To re-install, choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu, and click the Install link next to River2.

The feeds permalink

Click any of the links below, with the OPML Editor running, to subscribe:

1. Fashion. 2. Football. 3. Italy. 4. Obama. 5. Tennis. 6. Topshots.

Or you can subscribe to all these feeds and new ones as they come online, click this link.

They're realtime feeds permalink

That means that they have <cloud> elements and they will notify your River2 when they update if you have the feature turned on.

Questions, comments? permalink

Use the comment area below.

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